I continually create new blogs then abandon them within a week or two.  I hope to continue this blog for quite some time to be honest.  D&D is my passion.  Most who really know me would call it a closet-obsession…they would be right.  I have never been able to break the grip of gaming and I truly enjoy the experiences when they come these days.

I started my gaming about 17 years ago and I still remember the excitement of rolling my stats, the disappointment of rolling a crumy one, and the pleading that ensued with my best friend to allow a reroll.  My most vivid memory comes from the very first session that I ever played in the game, Earthdawn.  It’s my very favorite game and I will be writing a different post which talks about the game, that session, and why I miss it so much.

As for now, in the present, I am sucked in to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.  I am not sure if I will convert to 4th edition even though it has been out for a while now.  The main reason for this is the fact that those of our gaming group who are still around hold no interest in relearning the game from the ground up and there is still so much to do in the homebrew campaign setting that I have been working on for the past few years.  I have much to talk about on the subject of homebrew worlds but that too is for a different post.

Anywho, here is where I will be writing my musings about role-playing and what it does/has done for me as well as a place to work out my myriad thoughts and ideas for the future games and characters that will be arising with my local players.

d20+8…I’m out…